Meet the Team

Mane Societe Team Members

Kerryn, Abbey & Lindsay

Meet Kerryn and Lindsay, the creators behind Mane Société. 

You might have known these ladies as Kerryn Adele Creative and Lindsay Phillips Hair, based in Lathlain Western Australia and working side by side as ‘hair family’ since 2016.  After working together for over 4 years, Kerryn and Lindsay decided to take the leap and establish their own salon and today, they are known as Mane Société, Applecross. 

Their dream was to create not only an amazing salon environment for all but also a beautiful experience – to have you leave looking and feeling amazing about yourself. A supportive, positive environment for other creative hair artists in the industry to be a part of, grow alongside us and getting to do what they love every day……HAIR!

Meet Lindsay

Not only is Lindsay an amazing hairdresser after being in the industry for over 16 years, she’s also the passionate and organised leader behind all things admin, scheduling and smooth operations. 

Meet Kerryn

Kerryn is also another amazing hairdresser with 16 years in the industry. She’s wildly passionate about training/education and anything creative. Her patience and attention to detail while teaching the up-and-coming stylists means their training is second-to-none.

Meet Chelsea

Chelsea, the newest addition to our Applecross hair salon is a lover of foiling and long hair. She has been hairdressing for 6 and a half years, knowing from 9 years old that this was the career for her! Her laugh is infectious in salon and can be heard talking about her bunny Tyrone

Meet Abbey

Abbey is the newest member to the Mane Société team! She’s 21 and have just started her hair dressing apprenticeship with Mane Société. She’s probably most known for her mane of hair, as well as her bubbly and determined personality! She’s super passionate about the work she’s doing, and she enjoys creating hair that she loves and seeing the joy it brings to our clients!

This has truly been a dream come true for both Kerryn and Lindsay, and they are so grateful that they have been able to turn their dream into a reality. Supported by an ever-growing team in a creatively conducive space, Mane Société is ready to make magic ✨